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Public Speaking

on May 25, 2023

Hello there it’s Abbykitty and today I will tell you about my public speaking. Here are my public speaking paragraphs


Intro and hook


Did you know that 7 million pets are euthanized each year? (pause)

7 million… wow… I don’t know about you but that number shocked me.

Hello, M.s M class and guests. There are millions of pets in the world. Sadly lots of them have to be put down or euthanized because shelters are too full or because they have been there for too long and were very stressed.

Today, I will share with you animals in need, why you should adopt, and the benefits of adopting.  Let’s waste no more animal time and jump right in! 


 Point 1 Facts 

First, let me tell you some facts about animals in need.  Many pets are brought to animal shelters each year because the person is moving, has developed allergies, or has become too ill to take care of their pet. Other reasons include that their pet had babies and they couldn’t take care of them. Did you know that 6-8 million pets arrive in shelters and 3 million get put down?  Some shelters are city run and some are privately run by people who want to help ownerless animals get owners. Now fewer pets are in shelters because of increased adoptions and stray animals being returned to their owners.  Did you know one unspayed cat can have 4 kittens which can have kittens and that leads to even more kittens?

The fewer the unexpected babies the fewer animals to take care of.


Point 2 is why people should adopt


Think about if you were left in a cold, small place with nobody to take care of you now think about if you were a pet who was left at a shelter and not sure if you would be adopted. Pets in shelters are kept in kennels in the rescue shelter. They are kept behind bars with little room. The plastic ones have holes. Pets sometimes have to share a kennel because the pet shelter is too full.  It’s not enough room for them sometimes. If there are active dogs in the small kennel the dog does not have enough room but if you have a crazy bunny it’s different because bunnies are tiny and the kennels can be significant for them. But no matter what pets in shelters are waiting for a loving caring place to live and stay. 

Topic 3: benefits of owning a pet


So you’re still unsure about getting one? Well, let me tell you the benefits of owning a pet. First pets can reduce stress by up to 84 % of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Pets also help with anxiety and protection. Pets can also be used as therapy animals if somebody has a disability or anxiety. They also help you exercise,  lower your blood pressure, and keep you happy and healthy. I adopted my cat from a privately run shelter and the shelter had many cats there no dogs( It was a cat rescue shelter called furry tails cat rescue )




If you want a pet you should adopt one, not buy from a breeder because animals in shelters are in need not directly bred. If you adopt a pet don’t give it up unless you have a good reason like if you have to move somewhere where pets aren’t allowed or you become too sick to take care of your pet. That is because sometimes the pet will be euthanized and it can cost $150 or more. So if you want a pet go to your city’s pet adoption center and adopt a pet instead of going to a breeder.


 Thank you for reading See you next time 

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